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Whirlwind Two-Band Ring

The Whirlwind Two Band Ring brings alive an intense passion that ignites the senses. The swirling lines of this eye-catching gold and diamond stackable ring with two bands represent a whirlwind romance that sweeps you off your feet.
A brilliant-cut diamond is bezel-set in the Whirlwind Two Band Ring in the centre of a custom movable whirlwind design, which sits elegantly atop a solid gold band. It is paired with a textured stackable band, also made of gold. Designed to capture the magic of a maddening head over heels love, this unique custom swirling ring with two bands is crafted in pure gold.
Unsaid Library seeks to perfect the harmony of each one of its creations. Because of this, the gold weight and the number of precious stones can vary slightly from piece to piece depending on the size selected.
SKU: ul10jrg1
18K Gold
3.49 g
0.04 carat
Blue Blue
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